Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mike Montgomery, please sit down

First, for some context, take a peek here:

Yes, that was University of California's basketball coach, Mike Montgomery, pushing his own player, Allen Crabbe during a timeout.

Who the (bleep) does he think he is?

Let's reverse some roles, shall we?

How about Crabbe pushing Montgomery? You can bet that is a suspension from a few folks.
How about a referee pushing Crabbe? I'd bet a battery charge was filed, and the referee suspended.
Montgomery on a referee? Have a seat coach, see you in 5 games.

So why is this different? Shouldn't everyone get the same amount of respect from each other, or face the consequences? If anything, these kids should be protected from this nonsense, not exposed to more of it from a guy "who wants to win."

Now, Montgomery's lame statement was that he was trying to "motivate" the player.

Bull (bleep). He lost his cool.

Player on player, fine. Take a look at the #35 after the shove (Richard Solomon), or the #1 (Justin Cobb) (source). Wholly appropriate under the circumstances. Referee on referee, coach on coach, player on player, fine.

Anything else of such physicality is an issue. A big one. There are exceptions for strained situations, such as a fight, but honestly, take a lesson from NHL linesmen who are unbelievably effective in managing this scenario.

His delay in finally "apologizing" was also lame, as was the canned written apology itself.

"While my intent was to motivate our student athletes, my behavior was inappropriate and I apologize for my actions." (source)

I hope his personal offering to Crabbe was better than that.

The university or the league should set an example, and sit him for at least a match. Maybe even two, as apparently this was the 2nd time Montgomery shoved one of his players this month.

Motivate ... what a joke.

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