Thursday, April 4, 2013

File under: Professional Misconduct

Well I am happy to say that my beloved Radio Shack Team is off to a good start with Sparticus (Fabian Cancellara) winning the Tour of Flanders, and is a favorite for Paris-Roubaix this Sunday.

In the same breath I am sad to say that one of the best riders in the next generation, Peter Sagan, made an ass out of himself, and Cannonade, by grabbing exactly that.

The Tweet below tells the story.

As is tradition, there are podium girls who kiss the winner of a race, and Peter could not help butt get into the act with his gesture.

I am having a little fun with a play on words, but the situation is serious on a couple of levels.

First is the conduct itself, which is inappropriate, full stop. It would seem clear the young woman did not consent to such an act based on the picture.

Cannonade should act and sanction the young phenom in an appropriate manner. While it is unlikely that he will be asked to sit on Sunday, he should pay at least a hefty fine, and issue a public apology (he did apologize, but it was not exactly as public as this incident).

The other serious issue is the ingrained sexism in the sport of cycling. Look at the Tweet from the organizer ... "Naughty Sagan" almost condoning the act. They too should apologize for the incident as their senseless comments.

Just remember folks, there are cameras everywhere, and just when you least expect, or want a picture taken, is exactly when it will happen ... and potentially ruin your career in the process, or at least derail it for a while.

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