Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love HKReferee!

This title is not a gag in any way. HKRef is IMHO one of the best football referee bloggers out there today. His analytical style wrapped in thought provoking comments are always a worth read.

One of his latest, Trendsetting: Referee Shirts, is no exception and in a single article hits on several interesting  and funny points.

I would strongly recommend taking a look as it sets up what may be coming our way soon.

I have to say honestly that regarding uniform, I am a big fan of the basic black, long sleeve jersey. While I do like a flourish or two regarding them (e.g. buttoned cuffs) going too far outside of that just does not do it for me.

One of these days I will commission a study to correlate favorite referee jersey style and color to refereeing style. I think the results would be fascinating.

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