Monday, April 22, 2013

Knock knock ... Who's there? Jack Warner ... Again

Former Fifa vice president Jack Warner's football legacy goes on

Jack Warner's association with football officially came to an end when he resigned from Fifa, football's world governing body, in June 2011.

But after spending decades as one of the most powerful men in the game, his legacy continues to cast a long shadow across the sport. ...

See the whole article here, from the BBC.

Kicking Back Comments: Honestly, at this point if people are willing to take Jack into their affairs, I don't feel bad for them if things go horribly wrong.

At this point the world should be on notice regarding how he choses to conduct his affairs. One may even say they are tainting themselves in the process should they choose to engage with him.

I would hope any who which to remain "above the fray" do not.

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