Friday, May 10, 2013

Think review is flawless eh ...

Former WMU baseball player Adam Rosales' apparent home run in Wednesday's Athletics vs. Indians game sparks heated controversy

Former Western Michigan University baseball playerAdam Rosales thought he had hit a game-tying home run for the Oakland Athletics in Wednesday's game against the Cleveland Indians, but a ruling by umpires left players, coaches and fans of both teams stunned.

Rosales hit a high, deep ball in the top of the ninth inning with two outs and Oakland trailing 4-3. Umpires initially ruled the hit, which saw the ball appear to ricochet off a railing above the yellow home run line on the outfield wall, was a double. 

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Kicking Back Comments: FIFA take note, this is your future.

Honestly this was a fascinating result (watch the video to show just how clear this was), and I have to believe that will spark further controversy regarding review (in place since 2008), or particular review of this umpires performance.

This is the future however. A goal may or may not have crossed the line ... let's consult the technology.
Nah, we don't believe that, we're staying with what we think it should be.

Get warmed up to this one FIFA, you may see just this case in 2014 as a referee is empowered to overrule the technology if they feel it is incorrect. Folks are already clanging for a revamp of the replay system here, and provide some evidence that such systems are far from infallible.

Are we ready for a pixel by pixel review of every goal ... and is FIFA ready to see its great GLT experiment fail on the world's stage?

Stay Tuned.

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