Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Trifecta from the Dutch Referee Blog!!

@DutchReferee has been busy and gives us (3) GREAT articles from the footballing world.

First, is Headbutting a Teammate, and I think @DutchReferee asks exactly the right question in what now? Or if the ball was in play?

Comment on his blog as there is a good discussion going!

Second, is the incident I was asked about recently in the Confederations Cup in, Change decision: Irmatov gives penalty … oh no, a goal. You can bet I am commenting on this one soon.

Finally is an AR turned graffiti artist in, Going crazy with referee spray at u21 WC. Note to the AR with the spray can ... you are supposed to mark 10 yards out ... it's just paint, not a forcefield in a can.

Great stuff from one of our own in Europe!

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