Friday, June 7, 2013

Kudos to FIFA ... on some good words

Fifa racism measures could see teams expelled or relegated

Teams could be relegated or expelled from competitions for serious incidents of racism after tough new powers were voted in by Fifa.

First or minor offences will result in either a warning, fine or order for a match to be played behind closed doors.

Serious or repeat offences can now be punished by a points deduction, expulsion or relegation.

Jeffrey Webb, head of Fifa's anti-racism task force, said the decision was "a defining moment". ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of BBC Sport.

Kicking Back Comments: This of course is a good first step by FIFA. There are (2) concerns I have right out of the gate. One immediate, one short term.

My immediate concern is not everyone voted for these measures. I would be interested to know why not. While I am interested in whom, I recognize that secret ballots are needed to quell the chilling effect voting publicly on such topics would have.

My short term concern is when this all starts. As I wrote yesterday, there was an incident involving the WNT in Canada ... and documented evidence via Twitter, and likely the referee of racism.

Why not start right now.

I will see when FIFA decides to jump in, as in my head they are already critically late to doing anything except complaining about something they should be working to stop.

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