Sunday, June 30, 2013

Will $100M End the Protests?

Brazil to get $100M from FIFA

FIFA president Sepp Blatter responded Friday to criticism of the cost of staging the World Cup in Brazil by pledging to give at least $100 million from profits back to the country.

Soccer’s governing body gave South Africa $100 million to invest in development projects after the 2010 World Cup, but it had not previously said it would establish a similar “social fund” after the 2014 tournament for Brazil. ...

See the whole story here, from The News Tribune.

Kicking Back Comments: Ignoring the obvious bribe FIFA is trying to pay the Brazilian people ... my question is ... will it work?

I am not at all convinced an afterthought of FIFA paying for some of the money they are going to earn is going to do it frankly.

Time will tell, but if I had to guess, I would say FIFA is in for a bit more.

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