Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blame the engineers ...


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — FIFA is considering scrapping 3-D broadcasts of the next World Cup, describing ESPN's decision to abandon the format as another setback for the technology.

The sports network said earlier this week that there weren't enough viewers in the United States to make 3-D broadcasts worth the investment, and ESPN's dedicated channel will close by the end of the year. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of the AP.

Kicking Back Comments: I am of course kidding about the title of this post, as it would seem fairly clear that if ESPN made the decision to invest in the technology knowing that only 6% of household can utilize such a stream, and only a small percentage of those would actually watch the World Cup, it is the folks in marketing who wanted to do it in the first place that would seem to have erred.

I would think the question of "does the market want it?" would be answered before "how do we build it?" in this consumer setting.

Then again that might me the engineer in me talking.

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