Friday, July 12, 2013

Cycling does not have hooligans huh ...

... I beg to differ.

Mark Cavendish 'sprayed with urine' and abused by fans during Tour de France time trial after Tom Veelers crash

Mark Cavendish was left upset after being drenched with urine during Wednesday's time trial as his fellow Briton Chris Froome led the chorus of dismay about the spectre of hooliganism appearing again at the Tour de France.

The festive atmosphere on the route to Mont Saint-Michel was interrupted disgracefully by the abuse thrown at the British champion, culminating in a bottle of urine being sprayed over him.The Manxman’s French team-mate Jérôme Pineau said he felt “ashamed” about the episode as it appeared that Cavendish was targeted because of his part in Tuesday’s controversial sprint finish in Saint-Malo when some other sprinters blamed him for the clash with Tom Veelers in which the Dutchman suffered a heavy fall. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Telegraph.

Kicking Back Comments: What was I saying about the race referees applying the rules to all? Well here it is. While the referees have certainly made their decision, other riders, the general public, and future races, have made theirs.

Let's just say the referees don't see it the same way as nearly everyone else.

Should it matter?

Well there are times when a stadium is filled with boos because the home team did not get a break fan(atics) thought they deserved,  and sometimes the stadium is filled with boos because fan(atics) just got a better look than the referee at what was on the jumbotron.

I will let this audience decide for itself based on the incident.

The lesson here is there is no such thing as a friendly match.

Even in an event that is defined with civility, there can be trouble hiding around every corner. Be ready for it.

Tacks on the road last year, urine poured on a former world champion this year ... what's next?

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