Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who does Ben Olsen have to blame?

Apparently it is the referees who are at fault for only getting 9 points in the 17 matches he has had. Which is the very worst in MLS.

He should have stopped when he said, “... nobody wants to hear the coach in last place complain about the referees.”

You're right Ben ... we don't. But that didn't stop you, did it.

You can see (and hear) the rantings here, courtesy of NBC Sports.

I've opined about this in the past, specifically about Jay Heaps and the Revolution ... do we really think referees have as much leeway as coaches? Ben has been terrible this year, and yet, DC has trotted him out at the helm 17 times.

Would a referee get that kind of response at the MLS level?

Mind mind is made up ... what say you?

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