Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chicken S%!t and Chicken Little went to a Red Sox Game ...

Sounds like a joke worth hearing, right? Well I can do better. Here is the joke, it's worth the 3 mins:

So in this saga, Ryan Dempster is Chicken S%!t on many levels.

First, is the cowardly play of plunking Alex Rodriguez. I happen to believe that the act of intentionally hitting a batter, and lets be clear, this was an intentional act, is the act of a coward.

Yes, yes, yes ... Dempster was sending "a message" to A-Rod. Maybe it was about his suspected PED use, maybe it was because of the Red Sox - Yankees rivalvary, maybe it was because A-Rod stole his girlfriend.

We'll just never know because Dempster, in his second act of cowardice, refused to admit he threw at A-Rod intentionally. You would figure all that honor in protecting the game he would at least say why he did it.



Farrell came down a peg too, actually backing his pitcher. Not just saying something like, he was heated ... we are always emotional ... but actually affirmatively defended the act in some twisted buffoon like statement.


Finally, who the does Dempster think he is, the MLB enforcer? What act of ego makes this man think he can summarily take things into his own hands and throw fastballs at an open target?

By the way, he really sucked at it as it took him (4) tries to finally land one. Keep that stat in mind, and the fact (3) other Red Sox were hit AFTER this travesty.

Enter Chicken (too) Little, Brian O'Nora. It pains me to write this honestly as I think he is a hell of an umpire. He really blew this one IMHO however, as the only one ejected, was the guy who did the right thing, the NY Manager Girardi, for defending a defenseless player from being intentionally thrown at.

So lets look at the facts again.

Obviously A-Rod is in some deep crap with his impending arbitration hearing regarding the use of PEDs. His day is coming soon.

Clearly there is no love lost between the Sox and Yanks anyway, and if your humble host knows it, the whole universe should as I am not what I would call a baseball guy. With this rivalry, the umpiring crew should have been on alert anyway.

Well when A-Rod got up and the crowd reacted as they did, the crew really should have taken note, if they did not already. But, as thing so, so far, so good, as the crew can not prejudice a decision.

Well, after Dempster's fist pitch is where is goes downhill ... as the video shows, he threw behind A-Rod. Now this was not an off speed pitch that got loose, or something even close. Dempster was looking to plunk A-Rod, and everyone knew it ... even the crowed who roared in appreciation. Just listen.

Right there ... RIGHT THERE ... O'Nora should have warned Dempster. A shot across the bow to let him know that he was going to do something to keep things under control.

A warning RIGHT THEN to Dempster may have saved this game.

As we know, O'Nora did not, but had a 2nd and 3rd bite of the apple with pitches 2 and 3 which were WAY inside. One at the waist, one at the knees.

While O'Nora missed his moment of truth with pitch 1 ... he could have recovered, and even if he didn't want to make a show of it, have a word with his catcher and say that if he hits A-Rod, he goes ... then call a time out to let the catcher walk out to pass on the message.

None of that happened, and pitch 4 came, and plunked A-Rod.

So how did O'Nora immediately respond? Not by dealing with the guilty party, the Chicken S%!t coward Dempster, he warned both benches.


Here's a pro tip boys and girls, if you deal with what caused the issue, you will have to deal with the fall out a lot less.

Do we think if O'Nora tossed Dempster at the 1st attempted to hit A-Rod, this would have happened?

I would opine not, not even Farrell getting ejected. What is the argument, he didn't mean it?

Again Pahlease.

So what are we left with now, a pitcher who intentionally threw at a player is not suspended, his manager that condoned the action is not suspended, and a manager that defended a player who was intentionally plunked was suspended.

Oh, and both benches were warned ... which was meaningless as (3) more Yankees were hit after this whole thing. While they were truly not intentional, this crews credibility was already lost to me as we had come to the point in a match that not even a send off meant anything.

It was a stunningly poor decision from O'Nora who is an exceptional umpire.

It was also the very first time in my life I was really happy to see the Yankees beat the Red Sox.

Oh was a conflicted day I had.


  1. Yelling and abusing an umpire isn't defending your player. He was thrown out and he should've left immediately. This is why I will never accept baseball as legitimate. You either have harsh punishments for people who stay after being thrown out or you have guards to physically remove them, taze them if necessary.

    Sorry but as a referee you defending the coach who is abusing the umpire aggressively, I never want you on my line.

  2. Anon,

    Your taze comment was funny as to construct it otherwise is a bit concerning.

    Regarding baseball, it is certainly a legitimate sport to me given the skill necessary, but not one of my favorites as there is far too little fluid action for me.

    Yes, I am defending Giardi in what he was doing. That is his role as a professional league manager. Do we really think that these issues don't happen, and a referee gets an earful from a manager at that level?

    Heck, this happens at the U-8 level all the time ... the difference is, it's part of the game at the pro level.

    Also, it's not the role of the AR to defend the referee. We didn't see the 3rd base umpire run out and intercept Giardi, did we? It's not their place.

    Besides, keep in mind that the "abuse" from a manager or player can have very important details in it for a referee. If it is just foul and abusive language, which this was not, the offender should be tossed.

    Did you see the clip of this incident? Giardi gestured with 3 fingers up tell everyone watching that Dempster took 3 bites of the apple before plunking A-Rod. This was key.

    I hate to say this, but if you are not willing to listen to an angry manager or player, and expect them to be tossed if they become so, you can expect a limited career in soccer officiating. It is integral learning to the sport, and position.

    Also, too bad you have already "dismissed" me from your line, I am much funnier in person =)

    Thanks for reading,