Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy millennial Kicking Back!

So I looked down the other day and was amazed to see that our 1000th post was at hand.

Since Monday May 31st, 2010 with West Virginia ... or Bust  we have plumbed some pretty odd depths to be sure.

A few local, state, and regional tournaments, a World Cup, some Tour de France, and even some local bike races, all with FIFA bashing in between, and a fair amount of odd commentary from me.

I have to say honestly this has gone in some directions I never expected, yet have discovered that there are many things about our game that intersect with real life. Far more than I ever really knew of, or understood.

While it is a personal goal of mine to do a bit more soccer reporting, or at least writing in the days ahead, I can only hope we will continue on this path for the foreseeable future.

I have to say too, as the graph above indicates, our readership has increased steadily over the last several years ... please note however this is from 2010, not 2007 as the graph indicates. Even with that, we are doing well I think.

We have seen visits from referees of all grades in the US and abroad. FIFA referees and ARs checking in. Pro referees from the NHL, NFL, NBA and tennis jumping in every once in  awhile. It has been pretty awesome.

What is next is anyones guess.

I have played with thoughts on format changes to things like "FIFA Friday's" to limit my bashing to a day a week ... or "Monday Mania" where we go over a decision from the weekends matches.

Some folks have asked for more interviews with referees of all walks, and I am inclined to oblige as there are some really cool referees out there.

Some have asked for more instructional material as well, and there too is a good thought as at its core it has always been an intent to share about our game ... but I find there is a wider canvas.

I dunno, but in all events I would like to keep it fun, and tangentially insightful.

So there it is, and off we go, to our next millennial.

Thanks for reading as I recognize it is you all who make Kicking Back what it is.

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