Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just Doing My Job

It's Every Fan's Job to Police FIFA and the Olympics Committee

Neither World Cup nor Olympics authorities seem to mind Qatar's and Russia's human rights violations, so it's up to consumers, players, and sponsors to take action themselves.

Ever since FIFA, the global soccer governing body/alleged cesspool of corruption, appointed Qatar the host nation for the 2022 World Cup, the association has repeatedly found itself on the defensive: It has vociferously rejected widespread allegations of vote-buying by the Middle Eastern nation, and it has turned a blind eye to criticism of Qatar's antediluvian views on homosexuality. Most recently, the country revealed its planned "gay test" for players and fans during the World Cup, which reportedly could include a forced penile plethysmography test or forced anal examinations. But even more damning news came November 17, when Amnesty International released a report that's sobering, by any measure: The 2022 World Cup venue, it reveals, is being built with slave labor. ...

See the whole story here, from the Atlantic.

Kicking Back Comments: There are times when I agree with Mr. Simpson, and times that I don't. But boy howdy I am with him here ... and not.

I am in firm agreement that FIFA and to a degree the IOC are entities to make money ... and I think that's fine personally. Let's face it, sport is business and folks have been making a buck on it for years, nothing wrong with that given the amount of work that goes into managing, hosting, and promoting such an event.

Now, where I get off the bus is when an organization, like FIFA, "For the good of the game" knowingly engage in activity, or condone activity they are aware of that is illegal, immoral, or otherwise repugnant to the values they espouse for their own personal benefit.

I was shocked ... honestly ... when the link to the above article spoke of a new "gay test" for players and fans for the 2022 World Cup coming into Qatar. FIFA knows this, yet has not condemned it in its most basic terms despite receiving pressure, and having an ability to "implement their own law."

After all, this behavior is in direct conflict with FIFA Statute, Article 3 which states in whole:
"Discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion."

Seems pretty clear to me FIFA should not engage or at least sanction Qatar for such ... or as they have done in World Cups past, suspend sovereign law.

For regular readers, some may cry FOUL! as I am suggesting FIFA suspend the sovereign law of Qatar, as they are able to do, to prevent any such abuses. I suggested the same for the 2014 World Cup when it came to the "Great Beer Row" for FIFA leave the people of Brazil to make their own laws without impediment by FIFA to appease a sponsor.

So why the reversal on my part ... or at least the clear inconsistency?

Because there is a whopping difference between suspending a law to appease a sponsor and curtail a legitimate safety concern (of drunk fan(atics)), and suspending a law to prevent discrimination against another human when harm may come to them due to that law.

Yes, I am playing the hypocrite again ... although at times I would prefer to be seen as debating the Prime Directive.

In all events, for us common folks to rail against FIFA and the IOC for such is a reasonable activity to remind them they can't suspend their principles to make a buck, and even worse, as in the case of FIFA, pretend to be doing what is right.

This constant drumming, I would hope, get the notice of the World Cup sponsors. While they made some noise back in 2011 during the claims of corruption, led by Adidas, it also seems the buck is trumping as that same company signed a partnership with FIFA until 2030.

It makes me wonder ... what is it going to take ...

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