Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Experimental Rule 7.13, et al ...

Major League Baseball has adopted Experimental Rule 7.13, governing collisions at home plate. Including the rulebook commentary, which guides implementation of the rule, it takes 351 words to say that runners may not go out of their way to barrel over a catcher, and that a catcher cannot block home plate without having the ball. The word “buttocks” is included, so you know it’s good. ...

See the whole story here, from Sporting News.

Kicking Back Comments: I'm not sure what is funnier the "rule modifications" suggested by SN, or concern showed my MLB to make this "experimental" for 2014. I mean, come on folks, if you think it is important, do it, don't go half way.

For any interested, the text of the rule itself can be found here, in a tweet from MLB.

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  1. MLB had a chance to get rid of the one play that nearly guarentees injury every time it occurs and to put it in baseball terms .. well they balked. This type of play never happens when safely trying to reach first, second, or third base so why is home plate special? Because it produces a run for the team? Because the catcher has extra padding? There is a chance here to make the rule very simple. A. Runners can not truck over the catcher - NO EXCEPTIONS B. The catcher can not block the plate - NO EXCEPTIONS. Easy as can be. Your hit the catcher your out, he blocks your path to the plate, your safe. What does not get touched in any discussion is the new stresses this puts on the umpires by complicating the rule. Baseball is fast enough on an umpire's trained eye. Now they need to worry about did the runner deviate his path, did he lead with elbows, was the catcher infront of the plate before he had possession of the ball? These are just some of the additioanl decisions that the officals will have to worry about in that split second they have to make the call.
    I get that the MLB is looking out for player safety and this is a start but must be improved. IF you realyl want to talk safety then start be inserting rules to prevent 40+ players and coaches from the duggouts and bullpens coming on to the field during a brawl or after someone feels they were thrown at or hit intentionally. I mean do you really need your 6 releivers and 3 warm up catches to come running into to make things worse? Adopt the NBA/NHL safety standard for that one .... you come off the bench then your gone for the game and a suspension to follow