Monday, April 14, 2014

How's replay working for us now?

Sox skipper Farrell ejected for arguing replay ruling

NEW YORK -- Red Sox manager John Farrell boiled over with frustration on Sunday night after a replay call was challenged and overturned, leading to the Yankees scoring what ended up being the deciding run in the series finale. Farrell was ejected, as managers have been instructed not to argue plays under review.

The play happened in the bottom of the fourth inning, when Francisco Cervelli hit a grounder to third, with the Red Sox attempting a 5-4-3 double play.

Cervelli, who was injured on the play, was originally ruled out at first. But Yankees manager Joe Girardi challenged it, and the call was overturned. ...

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Kicking Back Comments: "But we need replay to correct these mistakes," the masses shouted. Guess what ... the masses were wrong.

I'm not at all surprised of course, just hate to see it to one of the nice guys of the game John Farrell.

I could go into a frenzy about how poorly replay was used in this case, or how managers are instructed not to argue after the replay decision is made (which is why Farrell was ejected), and how MLB after the game said they screwed up and got the replay call wrong which was directly causal to the Red Sox losing that game.

Nope, I won't. I'll just leave you with Farrell's telling comment about replay that now hangs on the MLB:

"On the heels of yesterday, it's hard to have any faith in the system, to be honest with you."

We're 8 games into the season and have already lost faith on the 2014 crowning jewel of officiating, the instant replay ...

... I'm surprised it took this long.


  1. So what do we do now? Computer chips inbedded in all bases, gloves, and the ball that can tell us down to a nano-second if a person holding the ball was touching the base before the runner :) Baseball cried for replay, well here's replay. Replay does not mean a 100% ratio, it should only suggest a better ratio of correct decisions being made prior to its introduction. Replay only allows a human to slow down time and provide better visuals to come the the proper conclusion. Replay does not do the thinking, replay does not make the final decision, this is still done by a human. Replay is not the answer to every mistaken call, it happens. If fans feel the officials are doing a sub-par job then I challenge them to take a certification course and attempt a few games at entry levels. If its really that easy then no one should have a problem right :)

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