Thursday, April 3, 2014

Where's the replay?? Do something to get the replay!!

Take a look at this one at full speed. Goal?


  1. Going to assume the calls was for an offiside infaction as the center has an IFK going out and the cut to the AR appearing to indicate the location of the pitch he has seen the offside offense occur. Looks to me that when the attacker played the ball there were at least 3-4defenders clearly between the shooter and the goal. Looks like a big ooopsie for the AR here.

    1. Many, many folks agree with you Steve.

      I have to say though, to be thrust into the limelight like that is not easy as I recall from my first MLS line.

      I recall the speed at which these guys move and was just blow away.

      Over time, for every AR, things slow down and one can perceive much easier that this was clearly a good goal.


  2. Goal.
    However! I have learned over the years the consequences of quick judgements from "far away".
    Is it possible a mistake was made? Could be. Was it made by the referee? IMHO: an emphatic NO.
    Oh, the argument can be made for "waving the AR down" . But that creates another set of problems for the officiating crew. It appears the referee was not in an optimal position (he may have been screened) to observe the interaction with the GK. And I am assuming the AR called Dangerous Play based on the restart.

    Either way they are now royally screwed.


    What was the title of your post? REALLY? Are YOU advocating Replays? It is past the date for April Fool, so that cannot be it. Oh! I know! You are trying to find a way to insert "commercial breaks" into the game. STOP THAT! PLEASE!!!

    Let us consider replays for one crazy moment.
    When would you stop for the replay? Before the restart? At the next stoppage? When the coach throws the flag? At the end of the half? During the debrief at the end of the game? When Chicago calls? Or perhaps a week later when Robbie Earl disects the play on "This Week in MLS"?
    How long will this review of the replay take? What are the player to do during the interim? How often should you have it per game? Does the clock stop during reviews or do we "add time"?

    I have grudgingly accepted GLT because of the speed of notification. Most importantly, GLT does not question "JUDGEMENT and INTERPRETATION".

    Are we not setting a precedent here that could lead to having someone in the press box, in the network truck or perhaps in Chicago not only second guessing the officiating crew but overuling them with his/her own judgement.

    Indeed, why even have a crew on the field?

    One final thought!
    What if the referee is proved correct?

    Referees make mistakes. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes.

    I will now get off my soap box


    1. Stay right on there sir, so much of what you wrote is true!

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Hold the phone.
    I just realised that if I am the person in the booth, reviewing replays, I could extend my refereeing career.

    In that case, I am all for it.

    Bring it on


    1. LMAO ... You're on to something!!

      Although honestly I was speaking to the goal judge at the Bruins game I was at recently ... it looks like they use "up and comers" for these positions.

      I wonder if MLS would do the same.

      I hope not ... like you I am all for working as a reply official ... even though I hate replay.

      Oh the irony.