Wednesday, May 14, 2014

38 Dead Children; 56 More Injured

Do I have your attention now?

I hope so, as these are the latest statistics detailed by Anchored for Safety, a non-profit group to raise awareness for goal safety, after the tragic death of Zach Tran who was killed in October of 2003 by a portable goal.

I was reminded of this again by NRAH author, Paul Levy, in his recent post "My personal bit of intolerance" and I certainly re-visited my post "That's netting to joke about."

Zach's heartbreaking story can be seen below, and at the linked sites.

As a referee, as a parent, a spectator ... any reason if you are walking by a portable goal, check to make sure its anchored. If its not, please fix it or get help to do so immediately.

Your actions will save a life.


  1. Thanks for addressing this Peter! Just to add to your post....Hayden Barnes Ellias was killed by a soccer goal in 2007, here's part of what his Mom wrote:
    “Hayden was able to play in his scrimmage in other positions besides goalie. He scored the first goal of the game. As time went on, it was his turn to play goalie. This was nothing unusual, as he shared the position of goalie with another player.

    Hayden had made a couple of saves in the short time he was in goal. Then came the last play we remember: Hayden saved a goal and kicked the ball to the other end of the field. It was such a nice, high kick that all eyes were on the ball.

    That's when my family's world was turned upside-down. There was a noise that didn't quite register, but I turned toward the noise, as did everyone else at that moment.

    What I remember seeing was our son lying face down lifeless on the ground.”

    1. Most welcome Anon. It is a supremely worthy topic.

      Heartbreaking story. So needlessly tragic.

      Thanks for reading,