Monday, November 3, 2014

The more things stay the same ... they change


As all of you who are regular readers have noticed and likely those few who check in occasionally I have been "away from my post" (that works on two levels) for the last several months.

Call it life, call it lazy, call it whatever you would like, I have not been here and I apologize for that. It has been a raucous summer on a variety of fronts and throughout I have missed writing on the variety of topics I do, all through the eyes of a referee.

With that lets get started again ... but first a note of caution ... for any who have not heard, I have the honor of now being the Massachusetts State Director of Assessment so my posting may take a slightly less sharp tone at time on some things ... or not based on the particular topic.

One addition I have made however is the "Assessors Tableau." Where I will throw out topics, articles, notes, quotes, or whatever to get my fellow assessors (from around the world) thinking, noting of course that the real "front line" assessors are the referees themselves.

With that we are off again ... however I anticipate at a slower pace as I am still on the edges of crazy and don't see that slowing down anytime soon.

Thanks for reading!

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