Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Hope for FIFA?

FIFA Election 2015: The presidential race that's not a presidential race

There's an election coming up. Well, to call the process of anointing (or re-anointing) a FIFA president an election would be to legitimize the sort of electoral shenanigans that go on in North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe and Cuba. It isn't really an election.

In May, Sepp Blatter will stand for a fifth term as the grand poobah of FIFA, world soccer's Perpetual Crisis Machine which mass-produces controversy. Blatter, who joined FIFA in 1975 and rose to president in 1998, has been the engine of those crises and controversies. The pint-sized president has ruled with an iron (albeit tiny) fist. Any man to cross him soon feels the wrath of his immense, crooked power, but so long as you play ball with him, anything goes. Under Blatter's unwatchful eye, there have been endless scandals of corruption and graft during decades of hijinks and tomfoolery, culminating in the naked selling of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, respectively. ...

See the whole (excellent) story here, from FC Yahoo.

Kicking Back Comments: This is a great article and really lays out what has gone on for terms past and takes an excellent stab at what may happen in the next election.

One fact that did bother me was the US actively voted for this guy. I would have hoped they would have at least not voted at all. In a case like this when there is only one candidate, and lets face it the US really does not have anything to gain, why support this lunacy. 

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