Monday, January 26, 2015


My obvious play on words relates to the 30 day suspension of US WNT Keeper Hope Solo. I do however personally believe that short of an epic meltdown by Solo during this period, she will be reinstated by Jill Ellis (with Sunil Gulati's influence) to the WNT just in time for the World Cup.

This suspension comes not from her domestic violence issue with her now husband back in 2012, nor domestic violence issue with sister and nephew in June 2014, which was recently dismissed, nor her recent nude photos that were made available after her phone was allegedly hacked ...

... it was Solo's husband, who was reported to be drunk, and driving a US Soccer vehicle with a reported hammered and belligerent Hope Solo in the passenger seat, that finally gave US Soccer pause.

I am surprised it took the DUI for Solo's husband to suspend her given the sensitivity surrounding domestic violence with the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Kurt Busch incidents. This is particularly true given the attorney in Solo's recent case that should be thanking his lucky stars no one testified (weird huh), instead of doing a victory lap and making comments that case should never have been brought. 

Photo Credit: NY Times
That did not stop US Soccer from playing her however, despite the position of other leagues and a congressional inquiry for NASCAR on the same topic.

Let's face it, there is something amiss here and US Soccer is tinkering with a fragile image. Not sure what is more important to them, a possible 2015 World Cup victory, or a good wholesome image for US Women's soccer. With Solo on the team, I'm not sure the Federation can have both. Just look at the image during her arrest ... is that the one US Soccer wants 10 - 18 year old players to admire ... come on.

And please ... please ... don't make this about gender as Kate Fagan did in her recent article in ESPNW, describing Solo's behavior as "complex." Her behavior is boorish at best and criminal at worst. In either case, not worthy of representing the US in any way.

I hope US Soccer takes the long view on this one and dismisses Solo for the 2015 WC. If she can get her act together after that, and I genuinely hope she does, I would love to see her play again given her skill at the position.

On a lighter note before anyone accuses me of just letting off some pressure because of "deflate-gate", you are sadly wrong as I believe in a day or two we are going to hear that this was really all the fault of the NFL refereeing crew at that game and no fault of the Patriots at all.

Really ... I think we are going there next.

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