Saturday, February 7, 2015

$11025 to take a poop?

For any who were mystified why during the Superbowl the Seahawks were penalized 15 yards after they pulled ahead 24 - 14 .... you answer is in how Doug Baldwin celebrated his 3 yard TD reception ... he pretended to pull down his pants and poop out a football.

For his trouble he was fined a odd amount of $11025. To me the amount is almost as weird as the celebration itself.

Not the first time I have seen something like this actually. For me it was back in 1994 at a World Cup match between Nigeria and Greece. It was a match I was actually in attendance for.

Just watch what happened.

What was interesting is the referee did nothing about it.

On the surface you may see something like this or Baldwin's "celebration" and say come on, what's the harm? Well on the surface you would be right ... but it is the 1000's of kids who see this and mimic it in their own town games.

Yes, it happened to me with a U-16 player lifting his leg to a corner flag after a goal he scored. His prize ... a caution.

Shame on the professional players who do such nonsense and the professional referees who do not stop it.

You want to celebrate in a different way ... take a look here at some really good ones.

For gridiron football, just look at this one ... note the location in Wembley Stadium.

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