Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Ballboy Incident

As we recall a couple of years ago in "Five Match Ban ... Due to (Ball) Tosser" we had a ball boy, Charlie Morgan, son of a director at Chelsea, who made contact with then Chelsea player Eden Hazard.

As we recall Hazard was sent off in the 80th minute for violent conduct (not serious foul play) for his contact with the boy.

Of course we have come to find out that Morgan, who was appropriately maligned for his outrageous behavior of intentional time wasting, tweeted out BEFORE the match he was going to waste time for his home side was embellishing the contact with the Chelsea star.

Not the brightest bulb in the scoreboard clearly ...

Enter Ex Chelsea player Kevin De Bruyne, who recently cussed at a ballboy and was fined just over $30K for calling a ballboy a Mother F*&%er. You can see (and hear) the whole interaction here.

My question is where is the suspension? Hazard was suspended for 3 matches for his conduct, yet De Bruune is just fined? Did the ball boy get a cut of this?

On a side bar, talk about stinging ... imagine if a player or coach had to cut a check not to the league, but the person they offended be it a player, fan, ball boy .... yipes ...

Should the league do more here? Is a fine enough? What of the referee heard it? Do we send him for Foul and Abusive language? Or do we seek to let that one go?

Are actions more "actionable" than words?

Should they be?

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