Friday, June 19, 2015

Thanks Dad

My Dad taught me many things.  Fortunately, the things he believed in and taught me stuck.  

He taught me to be accountable for my actions.  To admit when I messed up.  Even more importantly to apologize and try to make amends to those I harmed.

He taught me to be self sufficient.  If I wanted something done, I had better get off my duff and do it myself.

My Dad liked sports and encouraged me to play them.  He was teaching me through sports too.  I learned the simple truths of sport, where success or failure is so easily defined and measured.  Either I hit the ball or I don’t.  Excuses have no place here.

I learned when to stand up for myself.  I learned when it was time to fight, and when it was tactically better to back off.  I learned that sometimes it was important to get back up and stick my chin out even after I got knocked down.  

I learned about how to compete and what it takes to win.  And I learned how merely the act of stepping onto the field is a victory in and of itself.

I learned about balance.  I learned how to enjoy good food and spirits and still take care of my body.

I learned how to relate to different people and different cultures.  I learned empathy for their struggles.

The funny thing is that I cannot really remember my Dad sitting me down after my game to give me those lessons.  They just happened.  Somewhere along the line, I absorbed the wisdom of my Dad like the rays of the sun. 

Thank goodness that I had a Dad who liked and encouraged me to play sports.  I am guessing you did too or you would not be reading this.  Go thank your Dad.  

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