Saturday, July 25, 2015

Legal Week Finale: Swiss v. Brodkin - So totally worth it!

Simon Brodkin reveals cash he threw at FIFA President Sepp Blatter was $600 of his own money... and police gave all of it back

  • Comedian Simon Brodkin showered Sepp Blatter in cash in prank
  • Brodkin evaded security to gain access to FIFA press conference in Zurich
  • He threw $600 bundle of dollars over Blatter before security removed him
  • Brodkin was charged by Swiss authorities with trespassing
  • He revealed the cash was his own and he is taking the charges 'seriously' 
Comedian Simon Brodkin has revealed the money he showered over FIFA President Sepp Blatter was $600 of his own money - and that he received all of it back from the police.

Brodkin, best known for his comedy alter egos Lee Nelson and Jason Bent, evaded security to storm a press conference at FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Monday and throw the dollar bills at Blatter.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing by the Swiss authorities on Tuesday before being released to return to the UK. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of Mail Online.

Kicking Back Comments: OMG, this was fabulous. If there is a legal defense fund, I'll be down for some!! Great prank that I can only hope FIFA does not intent to press charges on. They have much bigger fish to fry.

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