Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boo Hoo

Sepp Blatter claims Fifa portrayed as a mafia organisation by US investigation

Sepp Blatter has accused the US justice department of portraying Fifa like a mafia organisation while adding that he will reveal details of his abrupt decision to step down as president of world football’s governing body when he officially departs.

Blatter will leave Fifa after 40 years at the organisation following the presidential election at a special congress in February, having announced his departure just days after his re-election in June which coincided with the corruption scandal that engulfed the organisation and led to the arrest of 14 officials at a Zurich hotel.

Insisting that he would one day “tell exactly what happened” to prompt his resignation, Blatter labelled the investigation into Fifa as a “tsunami” and criticized the light in which the organisation was portrayed by the US attorney general, Loretta Lynch. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Guardian.

Kicking Back Comments: Every time I think Sepp is joking, he seems to be serious. News flash Sepp, FIFA is organized crime on a global scale and you are at the head of the snake. You think the US AG Loretta Lynch is the cause of this image? Really?

One telling sign should be art imitating life with the new exhibit at the "Maria Museum" in Las Vegas highlighting FIFA.  Are you going to blame the AG for this too?

Sepp, you got caught, finally, since the US took a stand and brought you down. Enjoy your fall from "grace" ... I know I will. Hey, just write a book on the way, it will be horribly one sided and you likely won't give a dime to The Game you have been robbing for years ... but it may be a fun read.

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