Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Ode To Bear

An Ode To Bear

Ursus Arctos is an odd name for a Canis.
Then again so is Australian for a dog from Spain.
This dog can run from Maine to the Alleghenies,
and not even break a sweat in snow, sun, or rain.

Loving and gentle as any knowing thing could ever be.
Wisdom for so few years locked behind brown eyes and smile.
Fierce as any warrior for his friends, he would die to save them.

Sadly he had to leave us before his time, of that we must agree.
A new chapter awaits to let him run mile, after mile, after mile,
to show the world and those fools who spurned him he is a gem.

Kicking Back Comments:
The world is a little bit darker today for my family and I as we see one of our own move onto the next challenge in his life. He will thrive as he always has. Caring and fierce to serve those who love him. So many lessons he taught in such a short time. May he teach his next home too.

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