Monday, September 14, 2015

It was hilarious until 1:20

So I caught this truly funny mock presser from a FIFA 16 match courtesy of Metro. You can see it below too.

It is a hilarious concept and was done fairly well, until 1:20 when the "manager" called the "referee" a racist.

Now before everyone starts screaming at me that it was all in jest, I get it. It was all in jest. There are some things that just aren't funny though and accusing a referee (or anyone) of racism just is not funny. Sorry.

Just to be fair I would be reacting the same way if this was something that had occurred between "players" as we see is typically the case in real life. So here we don't even have art imitating life.

It's not funny.

You want to say the referee was crap or gave a penalty that they shouldn't ... great. That's funny ... it's a computer program.

But claims about racism ... not funny.

Honestly though, if you exclude that 10 seconds of video, it is truly brilliant. For me, they *just* missed on this one.

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