Sunday, October 4, 2015

Upon Further Review ...

Hope Solo's domestic violence case reinstated

Hope Solo, star goalkeeper of the U.S. Women’s national team, will face domestic violence charges after an appeals court on Friday reversed a decision to throw out the case.

Controversy about the charges flared during the World Cup, when Solo helped lead the team to the title and responded by saying she was the victim in the incident and the case had been dismissed. But now she will be facing charges yet again. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of USA Today.

Kicking Back Comments: This was a completely predictable outcome and while I called it such at the time, it crystallizes Solo's lawyers mumblings after the initial dismissal as the drivel I knew it to be. Dismissal on procedural grounds ... and clearly poor ones given the restatement above ... is not innocence of any type.

Solo like any other is due her day in court but I can only hope this spells the end of Hope representing the US National Team if she is found guilty. I also hope US Soccer does not contort itself into a pretzel again to make sure she plays in the Olympics if she is found guilty.

Her lawyer did a good job of laying down enough smoke for Sunil to get her on a 30 day suspension. If she is found guilty however, I hope he dismisses her ... best goalkeeper in the world or not.

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