Thursday, November 12, 2015

US Soccer Showing Potential Implementation of Concussion Settlement Terms

Photo Courtesy of The Boston Globe

I did have to laugh a little bit in looking back at this picture and article from my post in July. For any offended by my not taking the topic seriously enough, please note the sarcasm tag is now turned off.

Concussions are serious things and I do take them seriously. What is being proposed beyond regular education and evaluation however, in my opinion is a reaction to a lawsuit, not a solution.

I continue to find it interesting how folks are reacting to this too, even comments on the US Soccer web site with the press release are largely truly negative.

This is a serious topic that needs a serious answer, unfortunately the answer provided in the settlement would on the surface not seem to fully address the practical enforcability or acknowledge some of the actual science behind such injury and its occurrence rates for soccer players.

Stand by to see how US Soccer will attempt to enforce same.

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