Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What type of referee are you?

Many times in my playing, refereeing, and assessor career, I have experienced and witnessed several types of referees with very varied motivations. To put these types into groups at times has been hard, but further reflection from my "super nerdy" youth (as opposed to my "hyper nerdy" professional life) allowed me to use my formally epic Dungeons and Dragons skills to describe these character traits within (9) groups. These represent "character alignments" that one may find in life, or for those like me who spent time avoiding life, playing D&D.

A nice synopsis can be found at this link, where I also found the chart below.

Honestly I have seen incarnates or at least shades of each (some stronger than others) in real live referees around the world. It put me down the path of wondering what type of referee I was ...

While I came up with an answer, it took some real soul searching to really determine.

So I ask, what type of referee are you?

Have you ever done anything against that characteristic (and be honest)?

Are you that way inside the field as well as outside?

As you start to understand a person's motivations, you can start to understand the person a bit better. I would opine players fall into this category too ... and I personally can fill in players from my experience in every single box.

Next time out ... what do you see ... and how does that align with your own character?
Are there management techniques to be had for each personality type, motivations to understand?

Image Credit: The Nickel Screen

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