Tuesday, December 29, 2015

(My) Best of MLS Controversies 2015

Best of MLS Controversies 2015

No exciting season comes without a few flaps and dust-ups along the way. Along with the stunning highs of the season and tournaments this year came some equally dramatic controversies, too.

Here are some of the ones that got people talking (and typing) the most, as voted by the MLSsoccer.com editorial staff. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of MLS.com.

Kicking Back Comments: I duuno ... I think there are a few others in 2015 that caused and will cause a bigger stir.

First is NRP's column on America v. MLS and the stir it caused. While certainly accomplished, Deford is dead wrong and lacks vision in this case. In short, the games he has reported on and worshiped in his lifetime in the next 20 years, will begin to be in decline as others, like soccer and lacrosse continue to gain prominence.

Second, is the MLS relationship with Audi, whose parent company is Volkswagen. Just as Volkswagen is tainted courtesy of Dieselgate, so too may be Audi. While MLS Cup 2015 did not seem to be affected, what the future holds is less than certain.

Finally, the recent DOJ investigation ripping through FIFA has not excluded the Americans. Chuck Blazer and Aaron Davidson know this better than most right now as the later is still seeking a plea deal. While Sunil Gulati did not choose to appear before Congress (and gave a great answer why) there was speculation he too may know about the scandal rocking FIFA. If he or other Americans are implicated, that could be a significant set back for the MLS.

Somehow in the face of such a prospect, a player or two throwing a temper tantrum does not rate very highly for me.


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    1. Yeah, you did not miss anything Jeff. Just coaches misbehaving instead of players.