Friday, August 27, 2010

A time to celebrate

August has been a bit of a whirlwind for me personally for a variety of reasons. None the least of which is the work many have done surrounding my father's name that has occurred. Here is a very brief synopsis.

Stephen A. Kokolski Assessor of the Year.
This was a truly humbling experience. When first told about this honor of the renaming the MSRC Assessor of the Year Award to the Stephen A. Kokolski Assessor of the Year Award, I was shocked speechless (a rare occurrence unto itself). Even more humbling was the privilege to say a few words and present the award in the honor of the individual who received it. Mr. Pete Robinson truly embodies the values of this award for everything he does both for the program, and the referees and assessors it services. An honor well earned, and one I truly enjoyed delivering.

Photo courtesy MSRC
Stephen A. Kokolski Scholarship Awards.

August was also the month that the recipients of the 2010 Stephen A. Kokolski scholarships were awarded. A hearty congratulations to Mr. Christopher Fitzgibbon and Mr. Peter Reis, each a 2010 SAK scholarship award recipient.
Mr. Fitzgibbon came to us with not only solid refereeing credentials as he begins his career, but also a clear affinity for the sciences. Well rounded is probably the best way to describe Chris, as he seems to be equally comfortable in his role at MIT, as well as his ever expanding exposure to the finer details of music.

Mr. Reis also comes with some serious credentials as well. An honors student of chemical engineering at Northeastern University, in his off time is working at P&G and a recognized ability in the refereeing world as he attended at Region I President's Cup, and was an alternate for the National President's Cup in Nashville, TN.

Congratulations to both Chris and Peter!

We are in the process now of creating a web site for this ongoing foundation. It can be viewed here. Work is progressing and changes are coming.

A busy month so far indeed ... and one that will be topped off on the 28th by working with the instructional staff at the Development Night at the Revolution, where your humble author has been transformed from reporter, to quasi-instructor. Don't miss it ... it promises to be outstanding.


  1. VERY upset I'll be missing the development night! When I first read about it and went to sign up, there was no information on the website. When I remembered, it had filled up! Ah well, there will be more in my lifetime! Enjoy!

  2. Sorry Alex! Stay tuned here as we will continue to bring you the exclusives about what is going on in MSRC and hopefully a few other things to think about too.