Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't forget ...

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So I have to be honest here. This particular article gave me a bunch of trouble as it went from the history of Valentine's Day, to if the US will ever love THE game, and how so many in the US, especially the youth already do as it is claimed to be the most popular youth sport in the US.

I scrapped all of this and will save it for another time.

Now it may sound goofy to some, but as the card indicates above, the true testament to affection is loving someone even MORE than soccer. I caught this post on Big Soccer from 2009 stating the authors "first and only love" was the LA Galaxy. While I am sure meant in jest, there was some truth in these somewhere I'll bet.

THE game can be all consuming at times, especially with those (like me at a point in my life) that are so singularly focused working toward a particular goal while ignoring things that are important along the way.

My advice, for what it is worth ... In the vernacular of the day ...

Stop and smell the roses to appreciate all you have, which includes the friends we make through THE game. You only go around once, and while THE game in all her majesty is life changing ... it is only a game. What you choose to do with these life experiences is what really counts.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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