Saturday, August 20, 2011

Acceptance Remarks: SAK Assessor of the Year Award


While I am regrettably unable to be with you in person to accept this award, please accept my deepest thanks to all of you for allowing me the privilege to have the opportunity to serve the referee community as an assessor. Without you all, this honor would simply not exist as each of you is a vital building block of THE game.

This award has particular meaning to me being named after my father, Stephen A. Kokolski. It serves as a reminder that the refereeing community is a family, and one that I have been honored to be a part of for nearly all of my life. One that like a family, has its ups and downs, a black sheep or two, but always welcomes its own home without question.

This is an honor I shall cherish as it also serves as a reminder not only of the man, but also of his approach to make a point, without feeling like you were pointed at. You left feeling better than you came, and learned something in the process.

I will work in earnest to become worthy of this award, and hope to one day, fill his big shoes that I quite literally used to walk in.

With love and respect,
Peter Stephen Kokolski

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