Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thick skin, and a sense of justice ...

Special thanks to Andy M. for bringing this one forward when I was away.

Women have made forays into men's soccer

Kari Seitz is one of just two female FIFA referees from the United States and has officiated the highest level of women's soccer, including last month's World Cup.

Seitz refereed the third-place game between France and Sweden, the top match a U.S. official could work in the tournament since the American team was in the final.

But Seitz, 40, said she would not be as good a referee if she hadn't worked both men's and women's soccer.

She has been a FIFA referee for 12 years and believes she is the only person -- male or female -- to officiate four World Cups. She also has worked two Olympic women's tournaments. ...

See the full story here, courtesy of ESPN.

Kicking Back Comments: An excellent read, with some excellent comments from Kari that puts part of the world of high level refereeing in perspective. It is clear the glass ceiling still exists for so many well qualified women referees. Kari, I believe is a trend setter, and an exception.

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