Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brazil 2014? Are we sure?

Brazil And FIFA

By Justin Shaffer - SEATTLE, WA (Mar 5, 2012) US Soccer Players -- Over the weekend, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke triggered a very public back and forth with Brazil over the current state of readiness for the 2014 World Cup, going so far as to say that Brazil needed a “kick up the backside”. Valcke's statements touched on the slow pace of Brazil’s infrastructure improvements, stadium construction delays, and FIFA’s demands for changes in Brazilian laws.

“I don’t understand why things are not moving,” Valcke told reporters. “The stadiums are not on schedule any longer... and why are a lot of things late? The concern is nothing is made or prepared to receive so many people. I am sorry to say but things are not working in Brazil.”

Brazil’s sports minister, Aldo Rabelo, called Valcke’s comments “inappropriate, offensive, and unacceptable.” The ministry went on to say that a letter will be delivered on Monday to FIFA president Sepp Blatter informing him they will no longer deal with Valcke and asking that FIFA appoint a new representative.

Valcke hit back, calling Rabelo’s comments “juvenile” and accusing Rebelo of ignoring the issues at hand. Needless to say, this is not where FIFA expected to find itself in March of 2012. ...

See the whole story here, from ussoccerplayers.com.

Kicking Back Comments: I question Mr. Valcke's credentials to be overseeing a project of this magnitude. You would think that someone who is responsible for organizing the WORLD CUP in a country would have some operational experience doing such, yes? Nope. Mr. Valcke is a sports journalist, then eventually became a CEO of a sports channel (source).

Apparently Brazil it thinking in a similar fashion based on the Goal.com article "Jerome Valcke is a bum." That article is a bit more expressive in how some in the Brazilian government feel about Mr. Valcke and how they are insulted with his comments regarding the Brazilian people.

Hmmmm ... this one will be an interesting finish. I am curious to see if ego will rule and FIFA will force Mr. Valcke down the throat of the Brazilian government.

Is there a plan B? I ask that somewhat seriously as with natural disasters (like a year ago in Japan), what is the backup plan?

I say, bring it here =)

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