Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Head scarfs and goal line technology look to be in

IFAB approve goal-line technology and hijab

By Mike Collett

BAGSHOT, England (Reuters) – Goal-line technology was approved in principle by the soccer’s lawmakers on Saturday and could be used for the first time at FIFA’s Club World Cup finals in Japan at the end of the year.

The eight-man International Football Association Board said that the technologies of two companies, Hawk-Eye from Britain and GoalRef, a German-Danish company, would be subject to further tests until a final decision was taken at a special IFAB meeting in Kiev on July 2. ...

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Kicking Back Comments: I admit to being mixed. I believe the hijab is a "no brainer" and one that should have been done long ago. Goal line technology, not so much.

Assuming these systems work ... and that is a big IF. Hawk-Eye will need another referee probably in a booth somewhere to determine goal/no goal, and Goalref that uses a special ball and magnetism to determine if a ball has crossed the line - shades of the Fox glow puck. How oh how are the LOTG going to be adapted with a "time out" to check if that is the case or not? That part will be interesting.

My last remaining question, if we adopt the technology route is, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? For the first time "the machine" makes a mistake ... and it will eventually ... where does that leave us?

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