Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knock knock. Whose there? FIFA ....

FIFA team inspects World Cup stadiums in Brazil

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil — Amid concerns at delays in the preparation of stadiums in Brazil that will stage the 2014 World Cup, a FIFA team touring the Porto Alegre arena has been assured that renovation work will resume next week after an eight-month break.

"We are presenting all our infrastructure projects and we guarantee that work in the (Beira-Rio) arena will restart next week," Kalil Sehbe, the sports secretary in Rio Grande do Sul state, told local media.

Officials of Internacional, the football club that owns the stadium, said they were committed to signing a contract before next Tuesday with the Andrade Gutierrez conglomerate to resume the work. ...

See the complete story here, courtesy of AFP.

Kicking Back Comments: Coincidence? I think not based on the recent media kerfuffle.

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