Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There is a positive test explanation I'd never heard before

There is a positive test explanation I'd never heard before

''I took a medication prescribed by my personal doctor for pre-menstrual purposes that I did not know contained a diuretic,'' Solo said in a statement.

UPDATED JUL 9, 2012 6:55 PM ET

U.S. national team goalkeeper Hope Solo received a public warning Monday from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency after she tested positive for the banned substance Canrenone in a urine test.

Solo has accepted the warning and will still play for the United States in the Olympic tournament.

The 30-year-old Solo tested positive for Canrenone in a test on June 15. ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of Velo news.

Kicking Back Comments: Here is the official press release from the USADA and no doubt a flurry of lawyers. I have to admit the excuse is pretty weak, but that is a far cry from Hope doping.

I do have to say though, she is the ONLY soccer player in the last decade with a sanction (not that has been accused) of doping. USADA stats are here (right from the USADA) and have sanctioned over 300 athletes since 2001. 

A little more smoke maybe? At the very least following her (not unreasonable) excuse, her doc, and her teams docs failure to understand what prescriptions she was taking as such a substance should be well understood, unlike picking up a substance "off the street" as some Mexican players did, blaming tainted beef, which was later dropped by USADA.

My thoughts here go more to the USADA and their inequitable treatment of athletes in their sanctions, and also some of the really unexpected (to me) stats they produce regarding doping.

Take a peek here regarding their testing numbers. Pretty incredible stuff ... no wonder they need $9M in US Tax payer funding.

More on this soon as the Armstrong case (who has even less positive test results than Hope Solo with ZERO) continues to heat up.

Again, let me be clear, I don't know if Hope or Lance doped. Part of me does not care. I am more worried about the USADA pendulum of justice being completely out of whack.

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