Monday, December 31, 2012

Kicking Back's Best ... and Worst of 2012

Well folks, it is that time again.

To look back on the year and give my opinion of the best and worst, some of which is even soccer related. Nothing scientific, nothing objective, it's pure speculation and opinion on my part. Your opinions will certainly vary.

So without further adieu:

Best and Worst of 2012:

Best Goal of 2012: Danny Welbeck, England v. Sweden Euro 2012.
Unbelievable touch on this one to win the match for England.

Worst (should have been a) Goal of 2012: Neymar, Brazil v. Colombia.
I think this ball is still in low earth orbit and being tracked by NASA.

Fan(atic) (Re)Action:
Best Fan Action: Placing fans' names on Real Sociedad jerseys'. Credit: The 91st Minute.
I actually really like this idea. While it could go horribly wrong, I think it is very clever.

Worst Fanatic Reaction: Live explosive thrown on pitch in Asian Cup Quarterfinal.
The #40 in yellow is lucky they are not calling him "Righty" now.

Best Soccer Commercial: Nike Football - My Time is now.
Very "Matrix" like, and very cool.

Worst Soccer Commercial: EA Sports - FIFA 13.
This was a huge letdown from the FIFA 12 commercial which was great.

On Field Brawl:
Worst Brawl (there are no "good" ones): Bahia v. Vitoria U-13(!) Match.
There are places in the LOTG that speak of "grave disorder", this is such a case.

Best Referee (while there are no "bad" referees ... save me this year) to me is Mark Clattenburg. This man was involved in a heated exchange after a Chelsea match, and was hung out to dry as a racist for it.  While all seem to be moving on without any finding of racism whatsoever, the taint remains, and remains on a man who by all evidence has done nothing wrong, and a world class referee who should be destine for the 2014 World Cup. Time will tell of the rubbish spewed after this match hold over to the final selection of referees.

Based on a recent issue involving Clattenburg, it is clear some will continue to use this falsity in any way they can to advantage themselves.

Assistant Referee:
Best Assistant Referee is Richard Nieuwenhuizen. If any who have been living in a cave, or have tragically short memory, Richard is the parent, father, volunteer, and AR, who was working his son's match, when he was beaten on the field, after the match by (3) teenage players, and later died due to his injuries.

A tragic loss by all accounts, and one that will haunt The Game for years to come.

There is simply no other choice to me, Richard Nieuwenhuizen for his selfless service to The Game, that he gave his life for, demonstrates the best in humanity, and the game he clearly loved so much.

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