Thursday, January 3, 2013

At Least I'm not a Little League Umpire

For those following the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, there was a recent lawsuit filed by a CT attorney named Irving Pinsky.

While I am going to stay far, far away from the merits of the suit, he recently decided to withdraw his $100M lawsuit against various defendants, on behalf of one of the surviving students.

Now in defending his decision to withdraw, he spoke about the public pressure he was under. He detailed the complaints and death threats he has received since filing the complaint. In doing so however, he used a very odd analogy. From the article:

He declined to elaborate, though said "we reserve all rights to bring up this request again," in spite of complaints and threats he says he's received.

"I always figure no matter how many death threats I get, it's less than what the little league umpires get," said Pinsky.

He's kidding right?

Now I agree that youth referees of all sports deserve special praise for their time spent, and things can get heated for certain. However, what would seem to be an "off the cuff" remark, serves to trivialize the seriousness of the Newtown tragedy and the legal action action he brought in response to it.

Weather the action has merit is yet to be seen. His analogy however, has none to me.


  1. Pete,
    I did my good share of umpiring for my surrounding cities and thier little league systems before switching to soccer. I can say that while PARENTS did more of the complaining than the children not once did I ever have anyone speak of killing or harming me in any way. That comparison is just simply awful.

    1. I strongly agree Steven, and all points of your comment.