Friday, January 4, 2013

Soccer Night in Newtown

MLS, US stars to participate in "Soccer Night in Newtown"

The tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, affected the entire nation.

It had a particularly strong affect on Houston Dynamo president Chris Canetti. Within days of the shooting, Canetti, a native of Guilford, Conn., knew he wanted to do something for the Newtown community.

On the Monday after the shooting, Canetti got in touch with one of the only people he still knew connected to the Connecticut soccer scene: Eric Da Costa, head coach of the Quinnipiac University soccer men's soccer team. (Canetti is an alumnus of Quinnipiac.) Da Costa got the ball rolling, reaching out to youth soccer people in the area, including the Connecticut Football Club youth program, and suddenly things were in motion.

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Kicking Back Comments: An amazing story, and a generous offering by so many involved in The Game at the highest level.


  1. As one born less than 10 miles from Newtown, this warms my heart is more ways than I can express. Thank you for sharing the article!

  2. My pleasure Lisa.

    Thanks for reading.