Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sepp Blatter: "I'm a star"

FIFA Boss Blatter Eyes TV Career

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has declared his interest in pursuing a career in football commentary after he stands down from the sport's governing body in 2015.

Blatter told Sky Sports in the UK that he hoped to fulfil a childhood dream by working in the media as a commentator or reporter. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of BigPond Soccer.

Kicking Back Comments: Well I would say that Sepp on TV would be entertaining. Not for the reasons he thinks he would be, but the sheer comedy of it.

Later in the article he was quoted (and I have to hope, mis-quoted) regarding the reception of "Boo's" 80,000 strong before the Olympic final in 2012 and stated that not only were the British fans not educated (about The Game), but that "Stars are always booed so I'm a star, you have to take it this way."

Are you (bleep)ing me?

I can hope that it was meant tongue in cheek in an effort to deflect for the poor reception he received. Here, you be the judge on the "small boos":

Well, this is the "star" that worked as a PR rep for a Swiss tourism board, cowardly refused to apologize to Valentin Ivanov after completely inappropriate comments following a 2006 World Cup match, and is known for his back room deals. This is how "stars" act?

True stars are magnanimous, they give off light. They shine, and make others shine. Pele is a star, Brian McBride is a star.

Sepp is not a "star" ... more like a "black hole", the most self absorbing thing in the universe.

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