Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Specific assurances" == More Money

U-17 World Cup: FIFA seeks specific assurances from India

New Delhi: FIFA, the governing body of world football, has asked for specific assurances from the Indian government by March on hosting the U-17 World Cup in 2017. All India Football Federation (AIFF) secretary general Kushal Das said that FIFA has rejected the first letter from the government and now want specific assurances.

"FIFA has rejected the government's letter. They want specific assurances from the government in terms of security, tax and foreign exchange inflow," said Das. "The government told us that it was not in a position to give written assurances. But once we told them that FIFA has rejected the letter, the sport ministry is considering it again. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of IBN Live.

Kicking Back Comments: While some of these measures clearly makes sense, I continue to be astonished at how often FIFA wants to roll over sovereignty of various countries. We saw "Special courts" in South Africa, "beer-gate" and "black eyed peas-gate" in Brazil. We have tax exceptions for India ... I can go on and on ...

With FIFA making all the money ... or I should say, most as I am certain some local government officials do well too ... why host the WC for economic reasons?

I can certainly understand the National Pride aspect of it ... but as I have stated before, these tournaments produce BIG losses (source) ...

... and FIFA is getting richer all the time.

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