Thursday, April 11, 2013

SHOCKING!!! ... not.

Brazil to miss FIFA deadline for World Cup stadiums

BRASILIA/SAO PAULO (Reuters) - More than half a million tickets have been sold for the Confederations Cup in June, but host nation Brazil has yet to finish the main stadiums to be used in the dress rehearsal for the 2014 soccer World Cup.

On the eve of yet another FIFA deadline, Brazil has delivered only three of the six venues for the eight-nation warm-up starting in two months.

World soccer's governing body FIFA had demanded that all six stadiums be ready by this past December but construction delays forced it to extend the deadline until April 15. Even with that extra time, all the stadiums will not be ready. ...

See the whole story here from Yahoo Sports.

Kicking Back Comments: Well I am not at all surprised here. Unlike Ronaldo, I don't blame the Brazilian culture, I blame FIFA for failing to recognize this was going to be the case from "go." I only hope no one gets hurt when the public fills these (what will be) unfinished stadia.

One interesting line in the article was:
"FIFA requires that the new stadiums be tested twice, preferably with soccer games."


How is the brain trust at FIFA testing GLT?
Preferably with actual matches.

Half finished stadiums, GLT that might work most of the time, disrespected sovereign law to appease sponsors, and no local food within 1.5k of any stadium.

Welcome to the World Cup 2014.

Honestly FIFA, you should have just went to England.

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