Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lightning Strikes 3 Times!

Well friends, you know the old saying that lightning dosen't strike twice in the same spot, well it happened to me three times today! Please let me explain.

By the way, before I really get going, the expression is just a myth as it is fairly common for lighting to strike more than once in the same spot. NASA did a study on it.

So there I was minding my own business at work today, and having, well, a work conversation. The discussion was wrapping up and near the end of it, the person whom I was talking to said "... I like your blog ... ."

I always get a little sheepish when someone says that outside of the "soccer mainstream" as I'm never quite sure what reaction I am going to get as I can be somewhat ... well opinionated.

We spoke for a while actually, and I was truly flattered they took the time to read and enjoy the subject matter and gave me some good advice that I will share below.

Walking back to my office I though that was pretty neat, I'm glad others enjoy reading this stuff, heck that others are actually reading this stuff.

From there I struck up an online conversation with a colleague from the UK who I had not heard from for some time, and always enjoyed his wit regarding technical matters. Near the end of the conversation, lighting struck again and they too mentioned my rants on my blog.

This one I found not only really humbling, but also pretty darn accurate as the classification of a "rant" I think is more in line with what I do here. But again, in the same day, lightning strikes again.

On the way out for the day, I was stopped in the hall by another colleague, who made mention of my refereeing past and association to The Game. I was again blown away, and struck for the 3rd time in the day.

While I stumbled over the question I was asked, my head was racing with thoughts of "oh crap I really have to be careful about what I'm writing if folks are actually reading stuff."

There are days I sit here and ask why would anyone read this stuff ... even I can't stand to read it some days. Today was one of those days that I was truly humbled by the reaction from folks reading Kicking Back.

For those who have read, and those who have responded to me, positive or negative, I thank you, and remain humbled by your viewership.

Now the really good piece of advice I got was when I shared that there are times that I have strongly considered keeping this blog away from any "professional" sites, such as LinkedIn where many have received these updates.

This individual just looked at me and said, "It's who you are ... nothing wrong with that, right?"

And they are right.

For all the warnings that I have tossed out here about acting responsibly in front of cameras and how bad things can happen if it goes horribly wrong, there is another side to that.

It is also an opportunity to share with a far wider audience what makes one tick, and gain perspective about who we are.

Challenging, and a little frightening to be sure. But one with the right amount of tempering (sorry folks still can't go off the deep end here) I am coming around is a very positive thing.

I learned a lot today ... that NASA did a study of lighting events (I already knew it could strike multiple times in the same place) ... and that some appropriate sharing, is not such a bad thing.

It won't stop me from railing about Sepp ... but at least you'll know it comes from the heart =)


  1. Peter, I wish I was half the writer you are. Keep up the great work and please, only stop the Sepp bashing when he stops being bash-worthy


    1. Thanks for the kinds words Mike.

      I've read your stuff too ... I think we are well on par with each other. =)

      Part of me want to stop railing about Sepp, but knows it will continue to the end.. I am hoping the next regime change at FIFA allows a far more positive approach.

      Thanks for reading ... it's folks like you that make The Game go.

      Best person regards,