Friday, May 3, 2013

Kenyan referee claims sex life ruined by attack

Remember Could this happen to you, from the other day, where a referee was attacked by a youth player?

Well here we have something more extreme by way of damages. Take a look at, Referee sues after coach squeezes his testicles during pitch invasion, courtesy of The Guardian, where a referee was attacked by a youth coach in a particularly gruesome way.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the refereeing association is saying they have no responsibility whatsoever in this case.

It is an interesting point, and one that may hold water in many US jurisdictions. While US Soccer does govern our activities, are we employees, or independent contractors?

What type of protections, if any, do we receive as part of being part of the federation?

What is that yellow slip of paper we get with our registration every year that talks about "insurance?"

These are important questions to think about, as if you find yourself the victim of a battery courtesy of a participant in a match, it is unlikely you will find US Soccer or a local association coming to your aide with the exception of sanctioning the player or club with a suspension or possibly a fine if defined in their bylaws.

Everything else, you are likely on your own for, and is between local law enforcement, the courts, and you.

Something to consider next time you go out?

How can you prepare for something like this?

Stay tuned, and I'll toss some ideas out there for thought.

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