Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Tale of Two Sports Orginizations

After a bit of traveling, I am back in the States and firmly at my keyboard. I have to say too, that I could not have returned at a better time to make this comparison.

Recently we have been witness to two separate incidents of racism, and each organizing authorities action to them over this last week.

First, we have the NBA Clippers' owner Donald Sterling whose private conversation was surreptitiously recorded (in abrogation of CA law) making racist comments in the presence of his girlfriend. As a result, the NBA commissioner, upon a very brief deliberation period, suspended Sterling for life.

Now this is not to debate if it was too long, too short, or just right a suspension. Nor is it an invitation to debate the legality of the action. You can bet this will be taken to the courts and debated there, Donald is going to sue everybody over this one.

It is however meant to serve as a juxtaposition to the recent comments by FIFA president Sepp Blatter who stated after a contemporary event of racism with Dani Alves, where fans threw him a banana at a corner kick that, "... FIFA will not tolerate racism at this summer's World Cup."

What? Sepp, what about the incident that JUST HAPPENED!?!?!

As usual, it was a gutless response from FIFA to a serious issue.

Just for a second put the two next to each other:

NBA - Life Ban. Near instant trust restored in the league.

FIFA - Nothing. Except another promise to do more soon. Trust chasm widens even more (if possible).

Sounds about what I am expecting from FIFA in regard to governance ... nothing.

That said, Dani and compatriots reaction was simply brilliant in the face of such stupidity. Take a peek at the article. It was a unified and clever response to something vile.

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