Friday, April 18, 2014

Boobs, FIFA "Mafia," and a Cool Journalist

So I was looking at how the protests are staring to pick up again in Brazil as we close in on starting FIFA 2014 ... and it does not look pretty.

Nor should it honestly as billions (with a "b") pour into the country and almost none will be seen by its citizens.

In kicking around the inter-web-super-highway, I came across  Topless FEMEN protesters storm German football TV show, and it piqued my interest on many levels.

First, was certainly the nature of the protest to storm onto a live TV set half naked. How do you hide that, and why did the very stylishly dressed bodyguards take so long in getting to the stage?

Second, while the visual aspect of the protest was great, their vocal message, "Boycott FIFA Mafia" was somewhat dull and just repeating it over and over did nothing for me. I don't think they expected to get that far.

Third, was the very cool host that instead of just whisking these folks away, he actually stopped and ask one of them what they were protesting ... and they answered candidly and politely. It was actually quite refreshing.

Finally, was the fact that we are already seeing organized protests over the Qatar decision. While I don't expect ANY in country, I believe we will continue to see the same outside of Qatar and Russia in the days to come protesting what FIFA is doing to the workers of these countries.

You can bet these protesters will be looking at Brazil to see just how far FIFA will let them go.

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